Long Story Short: My wife and I are expecting a baby boy, our first child. He’s arriving in February. Yesterday, my mother-in-law and my wife’s so-called best friend had a baby shower for my wife.

The “friend” has always been selfish and lazy, but this reached new heights. The shower was yesterday, and she didn’t send invitations until Tuesday or Wednesday of last week. Some of the invitations were going to people who live 2 hours away.


She didn’t help with decorations, buying food, games, etc. My mother-in-law did it all. Yesterday, the actual day of the party, said friend shows up and actually helps, but that didn’t make up for all the stress she caused my wife and mother-in-law by not doing a damn thing up until then.

So, I mention to friend that my grandmother didn’t get her invitation until Friday, for a party that was on Sunday. Friend said everyone else got theirs. I said “Maybe send them a little earlier next time.” She says “Plan your own party next time.” Then I say “Won’t have you plan another one, that’s for damn sure.”

I’m a major introvert and a very quiet person, normally. If something upsets me, you’ll never hear me say anything about it. If something upsets my wife, however, then I get angry. It may seem like a small thing, but my wife was really excited about this baby shower and getting to see all of her old friends and such and just celebrate our son’s impending arrival. And it was made needlessly complicated and stressful by this so-called friend.

Friend had no excuses for not doing anything other than she has a baby, whom she leaves with her aunt most of the time.


But now, I feel like a huge jerk and I’ve felt guilty for being mean. Makes zero sense, I know. But, that is the enigma that is me. Sigh.

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