Everyone is talking about the Oscars right now, and that would have been me, 15 years ago. I was in my second year studying film at Columbia College Chicago (a school I chose because Janusz Kaminski, Spielberg’s cinematographer of choice for the past 20 years went there. Seriously, he is the guy who decided to shoot Saving Private Ryan as if it was filmed by war correspondents. He’s a god.) when I got home from State Street Toys R Us with a copy of Grand Theft Auto 3. I had always been a big proponent of games as art, growing up during the 90s PC gaming renaissance that is still influencing the medium to this day, but when I got back to my dorm room and popped GTA3 into my PS2, my whole worldview changed. Movies and games had, until that point, been different ways to tell a story, with neither one being superior than the other in my mind. But this game changed it all. I was learning how to tell stories, and this game came out of nowhere and showed me that the future was in creating a new world where people could live another life.

It was at that moment that film died for me as an art form. I immediately stopped caring about my education and immersed myself in games. Two things resulted from this: I still believe that videogames are the ultimate artform, and my immersion into games led to me really, really getting into Gran Turismo, more than I ever had been (and I was so into GT that I rubbed dust into my eyes to fake an eye infection to get a day off from high school the day GT2 came out), making me the horrible car nerd that I am today.

So basically, film is shit we should probably stop taking seriously, games are amazing, and cars are really awesome.