Sorry for the potato pic. Saw this on the way to work this morning. I’m hoping this is just an accident. If not I have a few things to say.

Look, I get it, people don’t like things about this country. There are times I didn’t like things about the country, and didn’t support what the country was doing at the time. But that doesn’t mean we fly the flag upside down in flagrant disrespect. I’ve flown the American flag at times, but there are times that I have taken it it down for a time out of a sense of disapproval for what that flag was doing.


Not flying a flag because you don’t agree is cool, this is not. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think it should be illegal to do this, it just irks me that someone would do this. I think this completely different from something like taking a knee during the anthem, sitting down during the anthem, or some other protest. I for instance, will not say the pledge but I still stand out of respect. Anyways rant over. No pic for time because Im lazy.

Edit: I briefly considered that the house could be under attack by pirates or that it was sinking but that didn’t appear to be the case 😛