Here is some good Oppo; I’m bored with my GTI.

It’s simultaneously too fast and too slow. I am often too scared to bury the go-pedal because by the time I shift to third I’m doing 60. But it’s also not fast enough to blitz everything if I want/need it to.

The TC kicks in far too often and cannot be disabled completely. And after a little more than a year and ~11.5k miles it is finally being a VW. I went to drive to get lunch the other day and I couldn’t get it to change driving modes. I made a stop and when I restarted it, everything worked again. Also you may have seen my ongoing issues with moisture/condensation in the interior. And now that it’s warm again and I’m driving it how I want to (fast), it fights me when I try to downshift to 2nd. I rev-match my downshifts, so I do not understand why it will not let me change gear when I want.

I know better tires will help with the TC issues and I have summer wheels with S-04s on them doing that ‘Soon’ meme at me every morning. But it also is a bit boring around corners. My previous car, an SVT Focus, was much more lithe and nimble despite having far lower limits.

Yes I can buy a better suspension to help with the cornering and handling. But I am also getting tired of needing to constantly upgrade this car to make it drive the way I want it to.


I’m also too scared to work on it myself, mostly because it’s new and I’ve never owned a new car before, but also because it’s German and I’m terrified of breaking something.

But, anything else I could get I either have driven and do not like, cannot afford, or both. And also nothing else has plaid seats available.