Not every car has to be a manual

That’s right, despite owing two manual BMWs, I don’t believe every car needs to be a manual. While I would prefer one, I would be fine with an auto if the car was never available with a manual. Bellow is a non-exhaustive list of auto cars I would own:

E90 335d


I know they have some issues with the DPF and carbon build up, but I’ve driven one and the torque is quite intoxicating.

Lexus IS-F

The IS-F is a fantastic car, it has around the same power as my M3, but it delivers it in such a different way. A 416 hp V8 that also get 25 MPG on the highway. What’s not to like? I might have a decent amount of seat time in one.

W204 C63 AMG


While I think the E90 M3 is a better car, the C63 isn’t exactly terrible. Driven a couple and I think I might need one some day, so much so that I almost bought one on somewhat of an impulse once.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 


I’ve driven a couple and I quite like them, sure they’re not them most reliable car ever. Sure it’ll spend plenty of time at the dealer, but with a driving experience to back up the looks, why wouldn’t I want one? 

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