After trading in a Fusion that needed maintenance, they gave me a Camry that also needed maintenance. I didn’t even make it to Houston from Baton Rouge before the alert light came on. They said it probably wanted an oil change, but the car was also making odd noises on the passenger side. It sounded like either a bad tire or a bad bearing. Either way, they couldn’t find a replacement, so they told me to keep driving it.

After returning to Baton Rouge, I finally found a branch that had something decent on the lot.

There it sits. A 2018 Challenger with 1,500 miles on the clock. This week is going to be fun!

On a side note, I’ve never seen a Hellcat on the road, but on the way to Houston today, I saw both a Charger and a Challenger with the Hellcat treatment. I didn’t get pictures, but the Dodge configurator came to the rescue. First, the Challenger:


And here’s one on the lot:

And the Charger:


And in the dealership:

Funny thing - both of them still had the chin spoiler protectors just like in the dealer photos above.


Impressions so far? I found it somewhat awkward to load my luggage because of the high sill in the trunk. The interior is very quiet and comfortable. Visibility is ok, but not nearly as open as in my WRX. It’s deceptively fast on the freeway. I found myself going way faster than I should have been, probably because of the isolation from the world around me. It was like being in my own little bubble. A very fast moving bubble.

I did have to dodge some debris on the freeway at speed and the car felt very composed with the high-speed maneuver. It didn’t feel as nimble or composed as my WRX, but I’d love to drive them back-to-back at the track. Ah, well. I’ll just have to see how I feel about it after driving it for a week. We shall see how well it dailies.