Before this gets out of hand, people have shown me that I've misunderstood the purpose of Opposite Lock. I admit, I was wrong, and I hate the thought of trying to tell people what they can/can't do. And yes, the post was rather hypocritical on my part. To anybody whom I may have offended/annoyed, I offer my sincerest apologies, and I hope you'll forgive me for my misunderstandings.

However, a good point was brought up by SkilletHead. What if a more formal blog was created for those who enjoy writing more technical or in depth articles. Yes,we have the Best of Oppo, but it's not quite what I was thinking. It just strikes me as peculiar to have lengthy articles and theme days occupying the same space. Yes, there is Jalopnik, but it does not provide the opportunity for readers to generate their own articles.