As many of you know, my WRX bit the dust a few weeks ago when the service department overfilled it with oil. It threw a rod bearing and the detritus sanded grooves into all of the rotating parts and their bearings/journals.

I received a text from my mom yesterday. “My transmission went out on my car this morning. Being replaced under warranty. Unbelievable after only 40k miles!” The car in question is a 2014 Outback.

So, what happened? Well, she started it, backed it out of the garage, turned around, drove to the gate, put it in park, opened the gate, drove it through, put it in park, closed the gate, then when she put it back into drive, it wouldn’t roll forward and only made a loud clicking sound when she tried. She immediately put it back into park and called for a tow.

The Subaru dealership said something let go inside the transmission, but it would be fully covered under warranty. When she expressed a concern about it happening, they said it was a one in a million occurrence and she had nothing to worry about. She’s now driving an Outback loaner, but it’s not as nice as mine! :)

This has both of us thinking about extended warranties. Her current warranty is good for another 20k, but mine is up in April or 4k, whichever comes first.


Anyone have experience with Subaru extended warranties? I guess I could just trade up for a new car with a new warranty, but they don’t make the WRX in a hatch yet....