Just a quick FYI. I have seen people complaining about how Amazon Prime Video is not offered where they live. There are ways around this.

First things first, you will need to have Chrome installed on your PC or MAC. After setting that all up go to the chrome extention store and download Hola. Describing this extension may require a little bit of a disclaimer — something like: “Don’t Try This One at Home”…but who are we kidding, of course try it at home! It’s awesome. It’s just that it may or may not be in a bit of a grey area when it comes to international content rights.

You see, Hola is a VPN proxy service that allows you to mask your IP address and assume another, granting you access to blocked or censored websites from countries that don’t allow it. This comes in really handy in Europe where a lot of US video content can’t be displayed. Sites like Hulu and Netflix are especially popular, and Hola lets you directly access them as if you were in the States. Potential uses for this app go beyond just binge-watching TV shows, however, as it can also be used to remain a little bit more anonymous on the web, or to bypass censorship and access information in countries that aren’t as open. Stop seeing annoying “This content is not currently available in your region” messages with Hola.

*EDITED: I have heard bad things about Hola and after doing some research it is not a good extension. After looking into it I suggest ZenMate. Though obviously downloading these extensions or any program is at your own discretion and you should do your homework.


After that you should have no problem not only accessing Amazon Prime Video so you can watch the Fellas, but you will also be able to see previously unobtainable Netflix programs and such.

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