Back from the mechanics. That awkward bit where he gets to discover you've been having your nuts turned by a stranger.

Head gasket leak a 99% possibility after eliminating anything cheap.

So.. It's apart. Actually should be bolted together by now. Slow week.

Wherin two mechanics call each other incompetent over each other's work

I seem to recall the other guy didn't think much of my regular mechanic's approach of using just the materials recommended by the manufacturer.

By the way, that guy: not in business anymore. Not that I can find. So, tail between my legs, I go back to my old reliable. (he's 70, so I better get what I can)

He didn't care too much for that the guy gasketed every surface he could get to, on a engine designed to be put together with seals, bolts and gaskets that don't come out of a tube. Except in certain places that somebody who does these motors all the time knows to do, If they don't want to put up with you for awhile.

And I didn't much care for having a head, rebuilt with new valves, planed etc and then have a big CLUNK-bonk on the surface that led to gasket failure.


50,000 miles later give or take a city block.

Ah well.

If you're going to screw it up, do it yourself. If you don't want to screw it up, get somebody with experience with your type motor. What remains is what I did. And, overall, it was a good job except for the part that made the whole process moot.


No use tracking that guy down, at 50,000 I think the guarantee has lapsed. Maybe just an anonymous copy of the pictures with "Watch it next time."

With another copy, for me, taped to the inside of the hood.