Not #ProjectSwissCheese

This weekend is Mettowee Spring Fling in upstate NY, It’s basically a White Trash-Bash with mud pits, jeep trails, camping etc.

My friends and I planned to go up in my ‘98 K3500 and camp but chances of us going too extreme and breaking something are high...


So instead, we are bringing this behind the 3500, one very rusty and not-so-trusty 1996 Jeep Cherokee 5-SPEED that came into my possession for $100 two years ago and has been sitting in a field at my parents house for about 1 year 360 days.

So, with a 298k mile 4.0, a 5-speed, and bald 31 inch radials that rub at any no power steering turn of the steering wheel, I plan to do the following:

  1. NOT add a “Bastard pack” lift
  2. NOT change any of the fluids
  3. NOT fix anything currently wrong
  4. NOT come back from this trip with it on my trailer

With that being said, I’m bringing this $100 xj to a red neck festival of mud AS IS wheel it to it’s maximum potential and then sell it there.

The only thing I might do is try to find a better set of tires for it.

Wish us luck!


This photo was from extracting the jeep through a low field with a lot of run off from other fields. That black Silverado was buried up to its rockers approximately 32 seconds after this picture was taken.

#ProjectDontBringTheJeepBack is a go.

If I do bring it back, if you need any parts for your Jeep LET ME KNOW.

follow me on twitter/instagram/facebook/linkdin/periscope/vine/glympse for live updates. (Only serious about the first two or possibly three)



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