As I got in my freezing cold car this morning, I did what I do on every cold day.....shiver for 5-10 minutes while I stare at the temperature gauge wishing it would hurry up and get to operating temp so that the air coming out of my vents will turn warm.

This is the same thing we've done since forever, no advancements. Sure, we now have heated seats, heated steering wheels, and remote starters, but no way to have hot air come out those vents from the get-go.

Why not an electric heater? Electric cars have electric heaters. I guess they also have built in giant electric power sources too. But there must be a lower voltage alternative. If a full-time electric system isn't ideal, it could switch over to conventional heat after it warms up, so it's no longer a drag on the system. It could be a helper system. They could call it the "Polar Pack" or something catchy. Maybe Edenpure and Holmes Air could team up with a manufacturer the same way high-end stereo companies do. I'd pay extra for that.