Not quite the sky falling, but too close.

This has not been a great week. I was home today recovering from having a tooth extracted yesterday. Took the wagon to the junkyard as the Fit’s axle is broken.


While out a bolt fell off a truck in front of me and hit the wagon, smashing the brand new windshield and chipping the paint.

I was able to follow the truck until it stopped and talked to both the driver and the owner of the company. He is going to pay for a new windshield, and we agreed on a fair amount for the paint chip. I also got their insurance info in case he doesn’t follow through.

Where the bolt fell out. When i told the driver something fell off he walked right to this, apparently the bolt was replaced yesterday.

On the plus side, the new axle came in a day early and 20 min of work got the Fit up and running again

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