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It’s spring here and the rabbits have decided they like all the tender young plants in my garden more than they like grass. This is clearly unacceptable and Measures Must Be Taken.

I really can’t be bothered with all the rigmarole of getting a firearms license* just to pot a few bunnies round the garden or finish them off in a live trap, and also while we’re semi-rural we have neighbors and road within a couple of hundred yards, and even .22 slugs will do some damage at that range. So a cheap and cheerful airgun it is.

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Gamo Black Bear, 0.177 cal, 1000fps, break action. Somewhere near the bottom of their range, but uses the barrel and mechanism of a previous-generation higher-end one, so should be reasonably accurate and robust enough for the few dozen rounds a year it’ll fire. Also came with a scope, which I haven’t fitted yet: will see how I go over open sights first. On which subject, fibre optic sights are a new innovation since last time I paid any serious attention to guns - wow, big improvement on a dab of white paint!


*Not an attempt to open a second amendment debate, just a fact of life here.

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