(Black screen) Narrator's voice comes on: "Power. Power is what America does best."

(Screen now starts showing a montage of vintage dragsters doing burnouts and wheelies.)

Narrator: "Power is what has defined us for almost a century. Power is what drives us, what motivates us, what compels us to be better."

(The rest is filmed black and white noir style. With red being the only color to be in color.)


(Camera cuts to the back of a pair of bright red stilettos worn by Vikki Blows (yes I know she's not American, but bear with me here, she is perfect) as she walks on a desert road. Camera slowly zooms out as she keeps walking wearing tight black jeans and a leather jacket.)

(The sound of each step hitting the asphalt is heard.)

Narrator: "Some would say with great power comes great responsibility."

(Vikki walks up to a red Challenger SRT8 Hellcat opens the door and gets in)

(Every sound of the door opening and closing is heard.)

(Vikki starts the car. Glorious motor noises are now heard.)

Narrator: "And we would agree with that."

(Quick cut to Vikki's face she is wearing bright red lipstick and she cracks a smile.)


Narrator: "Well, most of the time."

(The breakdown of this song plays starting with the singer screaming, "WALK WITH ME IN HELL!")

(The instruments fade into the sound of the Challenger doing a massive burnout. That is shown from the exterior of the car.)


(Text comes on the screen saying, "The All New Dodge Challenger SRT8")

/end commercial