Parking is a bear in any big city, and Washington DC is no exception. As I trolled a parking structure for a spot in my rental, I came across these two cars parked in spots marked "Compact". Now, I'm not one to pass judgement, but I'm pretty sure a Challenger and Merc SL probably would not typically be considered compact cars.


I doubt the Green Lantern paid much attention to the sign when he backed his fire-breathing Mopar into the compact spot.

Now I know darn well the Colonel (see that little blue sticker on the center of the windscreen? That's an Eagle indicating the owner is either a Colonel or a Navy Captain (O-6)) can read and perhaps he thinks his zillion dollar 2-door Merc is a compact car, you know, like a SmartForTwo.

Seriously, I really don't care because clearly they had plenty of room to park. It just struck me funny.

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