My secret Senna delivered today. Thanks Jminer! The Prelude key chains are awesome (and one is going on my work key chain as I type).

The Raspberry Pi and Arduino is relevant to my interests, and are damned awesome. Some of our base stations, repeaters and decoders are equipment run by Pi’s, or custom derivatives of them on the flood warning system I run for a living. In some applications they control radios, and in other applications they they decode the data traffic and drop it onto the network. Some applications are also paired with an Arduino running a speaker for radio troubleshooting. I’ve scratched the surface a bit on them with some support from our system integrator vendor, and it was just enough to make realize just how big the possibilities are for these little guys. Learning a lot more Linux is on my to do list, so this will help accelerate that project.


Thanks!  You hit it out of the park.


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