Not so tempting after all

The Camera in question from yesterday

I posted yesterday about this Camaro convertible I saw on the way to work that I thought was $1200, but then it looked in the pic like it said $12,000 on the windshield. So, I took the time this morning to (safely) get closer to see through the fence. It does indeed say $12,000. This, of course, should turn it from NP into CP of the year.

Which led me to think, why would anyone think they can get that much for an ‘89 Camaro? So, I went on CL to see what the market looks like. Most people in this area are selling these and the following gen Camaro in the $4000 to $10,000 range. I even found another ‘89 IROC Z convertible very similar to the one I saw for $12,499 (it’s been up for almost three weeks now). This is making me wonder if there’s something I don’t know about these cars, or it these sellers just “know what they have”. I have a hard time seeing an ‘89 anything from GM being worth over $10k.

similar car on Dallas CL

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