Good job, Nick Denton: You’ve finally pushed me over the edge. After much contemplation and reflection, I have come to the difficult decision to boycott all Gawker Media sites, including OppositeLock, Jalopnik, Groupthink, and Jezebel.

The Jordan Sargent article from last night opened my eyes to how vicious the “Mother Site” is. And the worst part is that they did it for two despicable reasons: to continue their ongoing negative press against Reddit (Condé Nast’s parent company is an owner of Reddit) and for the clicks. They attempted to out a bisexual man, ruin his career, family life, and reputation to make some money. It doesn’t matter that the targeted person didn’t actually physically cheat on his wife to them. They wanted clicks (and the source wanted to finalize his blackmail scheme) on what is essentially a non-story.

As you all know, Gawker Media makes it’s money from advertisements. They can charge more for those advertisements with more users. I help make Gawker Media money by being here. I, by visiting Jalopnik, OL, GT, and Jezebel, am a click.

Not anymore.

I’m not an important part of this community. In a couple of days (a week max), no one will even remember me. I’m doing this because it’s the only thing I can do. Do whatever you want to do, but I cannot, with a clear conscience, continue to feed the multi-headed monster that is Gawker Media any longer.


There might be an occasion that I come back in the future. For example, if Gawker apologizes and makes the situation right, then I’ll return. I doubt that’s going to happen, though. Max Read (Gawker) and Natasha Vargas-Cooper (Jezebel) are already defending themselves on Twitter and I’m sure Mr. Denton has fully prepped their legal team before the story was published. They’ll dig their heels in and claim First Amendment. I don’t really care what their argument is: this is not right.

So, until the highly unlikely happens:

Adiós, Muchachos.