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Not sure if I stopped caring or if the interesting stuff dropped off Jalop/Oppo in 2016....

Today, I had made my first comment on a post in a very long time. It got me to thinking why it’s BEEN so long since I’ve commented on a front page post.

As I reviewed my post, I realized that it has been over 10 months since I even posted on Oppo. I used to lurk in Oppo, all those months ago, and then just stopped. I don’t even Follow people any more, and haven’t had a new Follower notification in as long.

I think discovering TTAC might have had a hand in this. I actually find myself going there before Jalopnik sometimes, despite content coming out comparitively slowly compared to Jalopnik. But on the flipside, I find TTAC’s content to be more substantial and, frankly, more interesting....

I still enjoy Jalopnik, but I feel like something has changed that has reduced my interest. Both in the articles, and in being part of the Jalop and Oppo communities. I haven’t yet created an account on TTAC to comment. I still just lurk.


I’ve noticed a couple of people who regularly contributed, drop off. Like Kat Callahan and her Jalopnik East posts which I really enjoyed and have always been a great read; as well as adventures in transgender living abroad and DMV issues with Texas/New Mexico. I miss Steve Lehto’s posts. Tavarish’s posting has slowed down a bit. Really feeling the sting of Doug DeMuro’s moving on, and the End of an Era that was his R32 Skyline.

I’ve also become rather annoyed with David Tracy, because of reasons that would sound offensive and judgmental, and as a Native Michigander, I’ll just keep it all to myself. Because he engaged in a lot of head-shaking “Michigander Slum-Lord” things, and I genuinely feel the guy’s got some serious issues.

Perhaps the root of it, is just a general lack of interest in being involved and being a commentator, of an automotive collective. Or just a loss of interest in the site in general. It doesn’t feel as much of a community as it once was. Even back when we had those stupid fucking stars. Which got taken away like a week after I got that coveted star! LOL! I worked damn hard at composing quality comments, for that thing!

Oh well.


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