Or if the car is weird. But I can’t seem to even fix my missing front indicator light.

It’s fitted in one of those bulb fittings you see above. It was missing completely so I ordered a new one and some fresh bulbs. All fine and well, no problems getting them, inserting the bulb and then inserting the fitting into the headlight cluster. They are one of these types you twist like 45-90 degrees to lock.

Now the problem is the indicator lights only work when they are in the unlocked position... I keep scratching my head over what is wrong. The left side works and stays in place in the unlocked position but the right just shakes loose with the slightest bump. I tried if they can be inserted in another way or position but it seems like they only make contact and work in the unlocked position... So I must be stupid or this car is fucking weird :P.

Starting to feel like it’s a job for duct tape...