So let me tell you a story.

Spent a Saturday tire shopping locally, and decided that everything open on Saturday that can sell me tires in my size, even if they had to order them was overpriced. Went to TireRack and found a decent deal. Ordered them, paid for them, and chose some random place by my work to deliver them to to have them mounted.

Come Monday morning at 7:30 I get a call from the place I had chosen, that they can sell me the same tires for cheaper, and include the usual free rotation and balancing and all that for the life of the tire. Being the frugal bastard that I am, I of course jump on the opportunity to save a hundred something bucks and tell them to go for it. They cancel the order with TireRack, and order in a set from their source which gets there sooner than the TireRack ones would have.

Come Tuesday, the tires arrive and I schedule a time on Wednesday to install them. They upsell me an alignment, which I may or may not have needed - newish car to me, never had one under my ownership, install the tires and do the alignment, all is well.

But I can’t stop thinking that this is actually taking advantage of TireRack, who lost a sale to these guys. Seems a bit underhanded. Is this a regular thing with shops that do work for TireRack? Anyone else have this kind of stuff happen to them?


Oh, and the tires, they’re Kumho Ecsta STX’x in a 285/45/19. I’ve always had decent luck with Kumho’s, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg compared to most big name brands in the same size, but they’re not really a random bargain brand either.