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Not sure where to go with the '70 Cutlass I bought.

I basically wanted to buy this car to experience owning a classic car from that period. I wanted to work on it and see how parts are and all that vs the JDM stuff I owned. So far I like what i’ve been doing but I’m not sure where I should go next.

I have another, pretty much finished, project ‘89 Skyline. My idea was to have a 2nd “weekend” car to do motorsport with. The problem, which I didn’t think of when I bought it, is that most amateur motorsport that I ended up liking bans JDM cars. So it’s pretty much just a show car at this point.


The Cutlass I bought to see how owning a car like this is. I basically bought it, refreshed issues it had, and am at a turning point here. Do I want this car to be my motorsport car? (autocross CAM-T) Or do I want to do what I was planning on doing originally when I was buying something else. Which is keep it for a year then sell it.

I think I pretty much decided at this point that I like American cars more between owning the both of these. I kind of want to still do something like a Nova or Mustang though. For a larger car I like the 70s Trans Ams and Camaros more. If I decide to stay with it i’d have to make some significant upgrades instead of just fixing issues so I would buy different parts. Trying to decide where to go here.


I eventually see myself as selling the Nissan.

Just thinking out loud and looking for input lol.

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