This is what my partner was given while his Elantra is in the shop.

Illustration for article titled Not that imprezzed, tbh

It’s got around 13k miles. Lots of switch blanks. CVT. To me, it’s just ok. It kinda makes me feel claustrophobic.

He, on the other hand, completely hates it. The hand brake jabs into his leg, he hates the CVT, and says it feels cheap.


BTW, the small bit of damage to his car is over $4k. Apparently the impact bent a bumper support and damaged the floor under the spare tire well.

I still haven’t heard from my insurance yet on my car. It’s making me nervous. I really would rather it be totaled. I don’t need it anymore and it would free up a not unsubstantial amount of money for me each month. Think good thoughts for me, Oppo.

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