best troll of IMSA.

The reason this is so funny is that at Sebring, Alex Job Racing's 911 America (the number 22), competing in GTD class, was given a penalty for spinning out a Ferrari. Problem was that the penalty was meant for another Porsche 911 RSR, the number 912 competing in a completely different class (GTLM).

Despite pleading to race control that it wasn't the Alex Job Racing 911 , and video clearly showing it wasn't them, and race control admitting it was a mistake; race control said they couldn't overturn their decision and that Alex Job has 1 more lap to serve their penalty or else get a more severe penalty. This cost AJR a win, and actually gave that GTLM-class 911 RSR, the number 912 car, the win in class.

That was a big clusterfuck. so AJR, with this bit of vitriol, was quite justified

Edit: thanks JOEST for a better pic