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Not the best thing to return to from vacation

Came home from a 4th of July trip up to Seattle to find unexpected construction set up in front of my house and a backhoe parked where my car used to be. It had been towed away about 50 minutes earlier, leaving me with a whopping $650 hole in my pocket (above plus a ~$80 parking ticket). I live on a block with street sweeping only every two weeks and a complete disregard for the 72 hour rule San Francisco has, so it was really incredibly unlucky that I happened to leave my car within the half a block that got dug up right after a holiday.

This was my first time ever having a car towed, so I thought I was in for a nightmarish DMV-like experience recovering it, but was pleasantly surprised. The tow yard is actually conveniently located and the entire recovery process took like 15 minutes. Where that massive administrative fee goes, I can’t say. The guy at the lot was very sympathetic and said I should try contesting it. I figure I might as well try, and I have 30 days to send in a written account or set up a hearing.


Since this is also my first post to Oppositelock as an author, I should probably mention what the offending vehicle was:

As you can see, it’s a B7 A4 Avant. Specifically, a 2005.5 with the 2.0T, quattro, close to 100K miles, and this:


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