Blah. I had to get up early today, 0915... I usually get up after noon. Drove 45 minutes for a job interview that was scheduled for 11. It went rather well, but I didn't get out until about 1515... and I usually start work at 1500. I was over an hour away from work.

Oh, did I mention I drove the Seven? And it's in the 20's outside? I can manage that, but the stress of being late doesn't make it fun.

So I get to work, whatever. I leave to go home, and I get about a fourth of the way, and the Seven started sputtering... Yeah. Second time in my life that I managed to run out of gas, also the second time with the Seven. That's the only downfall of having a fuel cell—no gauge. I've been meaning to make an area in the back for a tiny one gallon can to be tied down.... I guess now is better than later.


I was out in the cold for over an hour, and it was down to an even 20 degrees. I don't usually get cold, but it was getting pretty cold before the in-laws finally got there.

I need to work on the fuel management thing... and I'm not talking about the MSIII.