Not the kind of bulge you want to see...

Very much NOT happy to see this.

(Long ramble ahead)

Riding along with my family to Florida from Ohio. Going through Tennessee we hit this pothole that sounds like a gunshot. Rocks the car, makes it jump around a bit. Not fun.


Fast forward a few hours and a few hundred miles to just outside of Macon, Georgia.

Now this is the first trip we’ve taken as a family where I have my temps and am comfortable(ish) driving in the car on the highways. I’m about to take over from my dad for my second 2 hour shift of the day.

My parents and I come out of this gas station, to see my grandmother looking over the car, pale as a ghost.

“We’ve got to stop, you CANNOT let Dominic drive, I’ll get you new tires but we need to stop!”


Instead of pulling in to our lovely Florida condo at 3:00 am, we spend the morning trying to find a place that stocks the tires for my dad’s Kia, and ended up getting in at 6:30 in the evening.

It is what it is.

We’re here safe and sound, and that’s what matters.

Wow, this is about my first time on this website since I was maybe 14? I’m 17, and after becoming pretty disinterested in cars in favor of music, I’ve had a rekindling of my love as I’ve started driving.


I’m getting very close to earning my license, just need get driving in with an instructor and do the in car test.

Well that was a ramble and a half.

Tl;dr: Tennessee pothole adds a day to our road trip, and a decade off my life.

Lesson learned by beggining driver: if you hit a nasty pothole, don’t drive for another couple hundred miles on what could be a damaged tire.


(Good god, I really haven’t used this site in forever. Sorry if you’ve just been seeing this post go up and down!)

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