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Not the outcome I hoped for

Opened up my LS400s ECU today, as I expected it had failing/leaking 21 years old Nichicon capacitors. For such a tank of a car, that is notoriously hard to kill, I deal with a lot of issues on mine. The ECU board shows no signs of leaked capacitors, and appears clean and untouched by American hands. I guess that’s good?

Illustration for article titled Not the outcome I hoped for
Illustration for article titled Not the outcome I hoped for

My next step is to buy a voltmeter capable of reading to I believe 3000mhz, I'll have to double check that. Electrical jargon and troubleshooting is not my forte, but I'll be testing what's called a ripple effect in the ground to the ecu, as well as taking a look at my spark plugs (I think they've got close to 100k on them, based on my service records) and testing the resistance of my coilpacks. Any OPPO recommendations of a cheap quality voltmeter? Also I'm well on my way to starting a new job at my local Lexus dealership. Submitted references and completed a bunch of online hiring surveys and tests, hopefully getting another interview this week. SO EXCITE

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