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Not the Thursday afternoon I was hoping for

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I just wanted some Jack in the Box tacos, and then I would head back to the office to continue lesson planning, and getting all the parent emails connected for tonight’s (Friday’s) virtual open house.


Instead, I did the dumb thing. The long left lane line of traffic that was waiting for the light, that I had to cross...well, they were being kind. As traffic moved, they waited for me, and waved me across.

I didn’t think about the right lane. I only thought, “Oh, thank you! Yay, tacos!”


She slammed on her brakes. I had only just gotten moving again. Maybe a 15 mph collision - the type of hit that you hear, but don’t really feel. No airbags for either of us, and the only damage she took was a front bumper knocked loose. She and her husband were kind and understanding. The half-hour we chatted while waiting for EPPD were actually pleasant and peaceful. I just felt like an idiot.

Spent the afternoon sitting with my agent in person as she helped me filed my claim. I have the best agent ever, really - she has an office with five or six people, and she almost always pulls me into her office to take care of me personally. I admit that she’s also very pretty, and I hate the idea of disrupting our professional relationship, so I don’t flirt. The last time I sat with her was two years ago, when I was buying the Six. Buying a car on lien was a new experience, and she wanted to make sure that I understood exactly what was in my policy that was required by the bank and what wasn’t, but suggested. Really a great people person. Even yesterday’s interaction, as frustrated and sad as I was with myself, she was positive and friendly and patient.


It could have been so much worse. The tow came this morning to get the Six from the Jack in the Box and over to the repair facility. I’m sure they’ll call me later to give me a time estimate. Yay, $500 deductible. Seriously, that’s all I’ll need to worry about. Because one stupid moment where all I cared about was tacos. Praise God, it wasn’t worse.

Still, not how I wanted to spend my Thursday afternoon.

Stay alert, Oppos! Be smarter than me.

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