Not the VW we need, the VW we deserve

I made a comment yesterday on the VW Golf GTI article, asking if the new GTI costs 20% more, do you really getting 20% more car? I think the overwhelming answer is yes. Sure, you have to take a 50% weight hike, but you also gain more than double the power and benefit from 30 years of chassis and suspension development. Not to mention better construction and materials, more creature comforts, etc.

But one thing that I noticed, and was pointed out to me multiple times, is that the new Golf GTI is a behemoth compared to it’s older sibling. Many people suggested that the Polo GTI is a more apt comparison, so I went ahead and did it. I don’t have fancy Photoshop skills, just Excel and an internet connection, so behold, the true successor to the 1985 Golf GTI’s kingdom:

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A few things to note - I couldn’t find much information on the Polo GTI suspension beyond what’s shown. Additionally, the Polo GTI isn’t offered in the US, so it’s hard to get a price. To estimate one, I took the ratio of the US Golf GTI price ($24,785) to it’s UK price (£27,500) and multiplied that times the Polo GTI UK Price (£18,900). This probably isn’t the best way to do this, but it’s a good ballpark.

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