Today I drove from Ashland Wi to Duluth Mn, and I made an attempt to “hyper mile” my 328xi. Not that I was driving exactly 55, or rolling through stop signs, and I also did zero preparation. I even had my roof racks on, but I was a lot more careful with the skinny pedal Than I normally am, and I kept it in 6th almost the whole trip even though small towns with lower speed limits. The highest the average hit at any given time was 35.6 and this was the end result. I also averaged 57.7mph. And was cruising at 64 on the highway and 75 when I hit the 5 miles of freeway I get. Yes there are places where you have to drive a hour to get on a freeway.

Not to bad for a 3500lb, AWD, car with a naturally aspirated engine.

And no I don’t have a check engine light, that’s only because I hit the start button without the clutch in, which is the only way to see that screen without the engine running. The brake warning light is real tho... pretty sure it’s due to a missing ware sensor.