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Not To Bring Up GM-lopnik, but...

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Cadillac is somehow the most intriguing brand to me in terms of its direction and lineup. And I cannot help but sense that, despite Cadillac’s deep imperfections, every other brand seems to get a pass on elements Cadillac gets substantively panned for. Were the S4 in the FP review a CT4/5/Catera-Vsport-Redwing-TouringSedanCoupe, any sort of nuance would melt away in both the editorial aspects and the audience reception. Slushbox exclusivity, derivative styling, undifferentiated motivation, and the like being the coverage in question. Motor Trend—among peer outlets—praised the soft CT5-V in terms of driving experience to no end, yet the coverage here revolved around branding and styling as though from a marketing publication.


I understand that the V-line and de Nysschen’s dead agenda have set the brand up for high expectations, as have subsequent developments like realization of the Blackwing powerplant. I do not agree that all is lost, however, as I view the CT4-V as one pedal short of de-robing the emperor Jalopnik, and the top dog CT5 an LT5 away from preying upon the Hellcat’s aging viability. And those hypotheticals say nothing of the unsexy yet glaringly overlooked value propositions present. Investments in niche models are foolish bets to place when the laudatory headline and buzz may just as well go to Genesis for price-gouging manual transmission buyers, and I do not doubt that GM is capable of the complacent capitulation to leave the last word at “cheaper.” Do any of us (well, outside Germany) benefit from that status quo?

Edit: I really had not idea where to go with this, so apologies for the ramble if you made it down here!

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