Today, Boeing announced they were shutting down operations in the Puget Sound. The governor is under increasing scrutiny for not declaring a shelter-in-place policy and joining California, New York, Oregon, and so forth — even though, again — we (state of Washington) have the most deaths thus far.

However, my employer qualifies as “essential.” As such, we are all expected to work, even after a potential shelter-in-place policy. Management is determined to stay open by any means, but it appears the workforce is starting to turn.


- one coworker has called out for the week, with no explanation given.

- another coworker is refusing to visit any job site — incidentally, that’s his entire job.

- a close colleague says he will refuse to take on any extra field work that only exists due to other people refusing to work. He says he will not work in any home if any other trade is present.

- another coworker — a real workhorse, by the way — let slip that he doesn’t know how much longer he sees himself doing this as his workload continues to pile up.


- a supervisor told me her concerns have been summarily dismissed. The word “overreacting” was used in a private meeting.

- one employee’s wife now has allegedly tested positive. He is still working in the building. No formal notification has been sent out. I had to find this out through other means.


- one high-ranking person shared that they are going to advocate that we close for at least two weeks. They do not believe their recommendation will be met with agreement.

My two cents: someone would have to drop dead for them to close those doors. The shit-show is juuuuuust beginning.

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