Not Usually One To Air My Financial Dirty Laundry [Rant]

If this happened two months ago I probably wouldn’t post but given the financial climate, someone else going through the same thing isn’t out of the question.

Last Wednesday at my bank’s ATM I transferred a not insignificant amount (like, no kidding) from a savings account to a line of credit. The receipt verified it had moved but didn’t give me the balances of either.


Four days later I checked and the money had left my savings but my line of credit showed no change in balance. I thought it strange to have a hold only on the money arriving and not departing but I’m no expert on holds. I decided to give it a little more time.

Yesterday I checked again and there was still no change. Off to a branch with people to get it cleared up. The teller printed a summary and pointed out the money had moved it just wasn’t reflected in the balance. I was told reassuringly it’s just something with the system. “Sometimes it takes some time.” I had to intervene and remind it had been 8 days. It looked like she had trouble swallowing that one but told me “It’s okay”.


I had something unrelated I could do at the machine while I gave it some thought. I looked down at the printout and saw my limit was higher, much higher than it should be. Higher by as much as I moved over.

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I went to an office to explain the situation. The banker did some digging but came up empty handed. He went to the back where I saw him work with another employee. They couldn’t sort it. I asked for a card and was told not to call, only email due to the transfers of staff between branches.

It’s Friday and I’m going to send him an email. A nice calm nudge that I’d like to have this cleared up as soon as possible. Monday would be great. Keepin’ my cool.


At the same time Mr. Banker, if you’re reading this now you may not be aware a clock has already started ticking. I’ll contact my lawyer on Wednesday.

My bank has had access to, and the ability to use my money for 8 days (12 days by Monday) while I haven’t. My bank, the one I pay, has denied me access to my money and given me the opportunity to create debt with them in exchange. Was it a very strange offer or a very strange mistake? Either way it was a big mistake.


Don’t fuck with my money on a good day.

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