Ordered a ton of brake parts for the 4Runner, which desperately needs brakes. With the weight of calipers and rotors, I opted to order them from Summit Racing and pick them up (30 minutes from where I live), rather than pay shipping (and core return shipping). The overall price was about the same as from Rockauto. When I put in the order on the 1st, they said they would be ready to pick up on the 2nd.

Jump ahead to today (when I need the parts - this is my only free day for quite a while). The rest of the parts came in the mail yesterday (good timing), but I realize I never got an email from Summit saying “come pick these up” - so I check the order status before heading down to their store. Surprise! They’re now listed as estimated arrival scattered between the 15th and 23rd.

So now I’ve got a car that desperately needs the brakes overhauled, that I don’t have parts to do now, and most likely won’t have time to do in the next few weeks. Great.


I cancelled the Summit order and ordered the parts from Rockauto, which I guess I should have done in the first place. They should be here in about a week. I’ve had a lot of problems from Rockauto (not to mention their shipping/warehouse scam) but at least they tend to send you the parts when they say they will.

No idea when I’ll have time to put them on, though.