Except umm.. it is my Dad’s car.

This is my Dads 2018 Volkswagen GTI SE, finished in Night Blue.

This car replaces the pure white 2015 GTI he has before, as I featured in this post:


The white one was having loads of issues, and more creaks then a 3 year old car should have. (Probably stemming from the time I nearly totaled it, but that’s a conversation for another time).

And I think my Dad was disappointed with what the car had become- Neglected. So with the warranty set to expire, my dad decided to trade in for a new GTI.

The new GTI inherited the lowering springs and VMR wheels from the last car. Luckily I’m a hoarder, so I had saved the first set of OEM springs to reinstall.


I ADORE this car. It is the exact spec I’d want mine to be. Night blue, manual, plaid seats, with the Performance Pack? Yes please.


I was the main proponent for night blue. Not only is my favorite color dark blue, several months prior I had seen a night blue GTI sport under some gas station lights and fell in love. So much so I still remember it. And I think combined with the red accents? *swoon*


Pardon the horrid license plate edit, but I can’t be bothered to spend a significant amount of time on this.


But I love this car- so when my Dad told me to take my sister to an extracurricular activity, and said I could take his car, I said I’d wait for her and take some shots for 4 hours.

Since this isn’t my car, I didn’t go looking for new photo ops, and stuck to the try and true places I’ve taken my car.


This last pic really showed how filthy the car is, so I took it to the car wash to get it cleaned, but by then I had enough and just went home.

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