So I’ve said in my opening post that car photography is my hobby, and I’ll be sharing some event coverages or some car spotlights every once in a while. So bear with me, here’s the first one!

So what are we looking at here? A while ago I went to a 70s, 80s and 90s themed meet with all kinds of goodies from that era. At that meet I spotted this cool duo On the left we have a neat E23.

Now it looks like a full on Alpina, although I’m not entirely sure it’s a real one. Why? As far as I know the E23 was never introduced as Alpina and B10 is normally reserved for 5 series, maybe someone can correct me on this? Needless to say it looks very good


The E23 is a very well made design if you ask me. I’m a big fan of the sharknose models BMW made back then, imagine stumbling upon this gem. I’m curious how hard it could have been to source Alpina parts for this car. It really looks like it could be legit. The striping, the front splitter, the rims, even the little badges on the trims and everything.

Now that wasn’t the only interesting interesting BMW around. Next to the E23 was a mint JP-Spec E39 in full AC Schnitzer spec.


Now I don’t have much knowledge of AC Schnitzer, even less then Alpina, but doesn’t make this car any less interesting. Again, if anyone can inform me on this car that’d be great. In the meantime we can enjoy the pictures of this really good looking car.


Another weak spot I have is for the E39. In general I’m not that big of a BMW fanboy, despite owning a 320d E46, although there are some very nice models that have rolled out of the Bavarian factory.

So that’s it on my first spotlight, hope you enjoyed it!