Not your usual V8 Miata...

Ferrari engine!! Squee!!! Being put together by the owner of Blackbird Fabworx, Moti. I’m PUMPED to see this. Moti is a highly regarded fabricator, but beyond that he is very competitive in racing, from supermiata, to tons of other formats I know little about. As in taking podium most years. And providing support to the guy who is arguably one of the best Miata racers around, Ryan (thepass).

Okay I guess I don’t really have any more info on the swap (it was just revealed) but I love when a parts designer actually uses everything he makes in a racing environment. And wins. If I’m rambling it’s because I spent 5 hours drifting on mountain roads while getting attacked by the sun... Sorry Oppo.


So, Ferrari swap! What do you think?! Oh and it’s from a 360

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