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#notajeep, a micro-Oppo-meetup story

But we’ll start with one. This is a 1969 CJ-5, purchased in 1970 by Brian’s grandmother, so it’s been in his family since it was new. Unfortunately it experienced an electrical fire 10 years ago, but Brian hopes to get it running again someday.

Stopping to check it out and chat with the owner caused ItalianJobR53 some heartache; he feared I had met with an untimely demise. Or at least an untimely breakdown in my rental S2000.


Driving this beauty has been a very different experience than my usual yellow vehicle. Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry different. They’re both manuals, similar yellow color, ragtops, four wheels. They’re nearly the same age (2005 LJ, 2007 S2000).

Pretty sure that’s where the similarities end.

I didn’t get off to a great start; after the owner handed it over, I kept trying to turn the car on, kept trying, finally remembered the big old start button. Whoops.


But man, once it gets going it does like to go fast. When that VTEC kicks in, yo, you feel it. Sounds so sweet, even with the aftermarket exhaust that tried to deafen me all day.

Adjusting to practically zero clearance has been fun. The only way I can bottom out in my Jeep is well off the beaten path. I managed to do it in the Honda leaving a gas station.


Which, incidentally, is another dramatic change. I’m slowly unlearning range anxiety. No 12mpg for me in this baby.

Twisty Indiana back roads, fun even without a water crossing.
Photo: The author

Something Honda could have learned from Jeep is the value of half doors. If I ever buy one, it’ll be awfully tempting to figure out a way to remove the doors and replace them with something I could comfortably rest my arm atop.

Anyway, been a fun day, even if I did mostly drive like I wasn’t behind the wheel of the most accelerator-friendly car I’ve rented or owned in my life. Perfect weather, good Oppo, good food. Good day.

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