So it's finally snowing here in St. Louis and I just took my girlfriend home in the M3. The roads are untreated in my area and it handled them very, very well. If I slipped the ASC caught me and put my back on course and the ABS actually kicked in when it should and helped me stop instead of making it longer like the Safari's does.

I also really like my new red brake calipers. We still have to paint the back ones though.

Also, please take note of how terribly curb-rashed my wheels are. They're all like this and it's terrible and I need new wheels. M Contour IIs, anyone?

Also, fuck these lug bolts rather than nuts.


Why the hell couldn't BMW use studs and nuts instead of this crap? It makes putting the wheel on a bit of a pain in the ass.

My airbag sensor override thing gets here Tuesday as well as my M3 badge. And I'll be starting to daily her Wednesday! :D