Fix it yourself

A co-worker's friend messaged her this morning telling her about a note he found on his wind shield last night after he came from dinner.

Sorry-not-sorry, for hitting your bumper, it is just small scratch so I don't think it will cost too much to fix. And because you drive a gas guzzling Jeep I'm sure you can afford to fix it yourself. Are you aware of the carbon footprint your vehicle emits on our world? Please fix the scratch and donate to Greenpeace. Maybe next time you shouldn't park so far from the curb and next time don't buy an irresponsible gas guzzling vehicle.
Sincerely Tom G

That is word for word, I had her copy the BBM message to me.

I wonder if they were hoping it would go viral.. Reminds me of that Prius lady screaming at the Ram Ram1500 owner.