Dear anyone going to Caffeine and Carburetors tomorrow,

Tomorrow is Ferrari day. That doesn't mean all Ferrari's, it means William from Greenwich will bring his Ferrari instead of his real Shelby 427 (not an actual person, but most likely a real story). If you have your Audi, Ford, Saab or whatever, you will be welcomed into the show by officials, gladly.


Here's the E-Mail from the officials:

Let's fill Elm Street with Ferraris!

Love to see some vintage cars, F-40, 250 swb, lusso, dino and more. 458, F12 and other modern prancing horses are equally loved.

All of you made the 1st expanded C&C amazing! We have received great feedback and will continue to listen and try and make it even better.

Let's keep it going!

I can't wait to see everyone again, and (hopefully) meet some new people. If you know me from last time, please say hi! If you don't know me, I'll most likely be with a crowd of Opponauts and/or my brother who you may know.


Tomorrow is also the second to last event before a 3 month break!

If you don't know my face here is my brothers and some other Opponauts faces.


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