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Note to Holden from GM: You're Stuffed

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Holden was once a useful, profitable and marketable part of the General Motors empire.


Now it is much like this cheap toy - stuffed.

The new Commodore has just been launched. Just like the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia and Buick’s a car designed and built by Opel.


And as we all know, GM quite recently sold Opel & Vauxhall off to Groupe PSA (better known as Peugeot and Citroen) as part of GM’s strategic running away from Europe.

PSA have been unsurprisingly non committal about the future of the generic GM medium/large liftback wagon thing beyond its current model life. I’m assuming they were equally fond of the generic GM small/medium hatchback thing...


The remainder of Holden’s inventory comes mostly from Korea. Familiar econoboxes like the Cruze, Spark, Trax and Aveo (known here as Barina).

Well...GM Korea is currently in the toilet and someone’s finger is hovering over the half-flush button. Sales are tanking and one of their four plants is slated for closure. This shot duck plant makes the Cruze.


The futures of the remaining three are all under review given that GM has gone cap in hand to Korean shareholders and the South Korean Government for handouts. Plus they’ve also sought assurances from local unions.

Profits are down, investment is hard to get, volumes are not great and head office is ambivalent. GM Korea is probably not long for this world.


And if it falls then Holden will fall with it. There’s no other affordable inventory left out there in the GM world for it to remain a meaningful entity. Certainly, the forthcoming US sourced Acadia and the current Thai sourced Colorado and Trailblazer won’t save it based on current sales.

And GM itself will be reduced to merely a mediocre Chinese-US based (yes I got that order correct) conglomerate rather than the diverse world spanning entity it once was...

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