I woke up yesterday and said to myself, “it’s going to be HOT (97 degrees). I’m not a pansy so I’ll drive my classic pickup with no AC”. I planned on sweating, but I never planned on it dying at a busy intersection at the hottest time of day. I called roadside assistance who informed me it would be over an hour before a tow truck could get there. Turns out a lot of cars were overheating yesterday and the tow companies were all slammed. So I abandoned the truck after turning the hazards on, and made my way to the sidewalk. I sat roasting in the sun waiting for my rescue, and watching something quite comical. DOZENS of people would pull up behind the truck, flail their arms, blow the horn, yell obscenities, sometimes for MINUTES before finally pulling around into the other lane and leaving. Did I mention THE HAZARDS WERE ON? Not to mention one could clearly see there was no one IN the truck (had they looked up). Single cab, no window tint, big back window. Some even would stop alongside to give dirty looks and hand gestures only to realize there was no one there to receive them. Eventually after much sunburnt, and dehydration the tow truck loaded it up and gave me a ride home. Moral of the story... people are idiots and don’t gamble with your classic on hot days. You could be stranded for a while so at the very least take some water. I still don’t know what is wrong with it. It restarted once I got home only to die again 2 mins later. Thankfully 2 mins was all I needed to get in the garage.