It has been a few years since I have visited the Philadelphia International Auto show. Since it is not a "debut" location and NYC is so close, Philly often it get's the shaft on all the new concepts and launches. Last year the C7 didn't even make an appearance. Since there were several "regular" cars due to hit showrooms soon that I knew would be hits with future clients I made a point to take the trip this year. Here is my commentary with some terrible photos sprinkled about.


The RS7, is even more impressive in person. It is so awesome, if i won the lottery it would be a mighty tempting to get one of these over an E63 Wagon. And we all know how I feel about the E63.

The A3 is pretty sweet considering the price. The back seats are fairly comfy and the interior is still top-notch Audi; it feels much roomier than the CLA. Audi will sell a boatload of these.


As much as I hate to admit it, the ride-height on the Allroad isn't that bad. My wife could transfer safely from her wheelchair in and out. The Outback is still too tall.

The trunk space in the A7 and A6 is massive. I would be perfectly happy to DD a CPO A7 or A6, even with the "lowly" 3.0T, but they are still way outside my budget.

The SQ5 is ridiculous...and I don't know if I mean that in a good way or a bad way.



Was impressed with the i3 in person. It looks really cool, do I want one? No, but I found it funky enough to be worthwhile for the right buyer.


The M3/M4 were o.k. they are still bonkers but I thought I would be more excited to see them.

The paddle shifters on the 328 wagon have a nicer "click" than the Volvo V60, it feels more substantial, the cargo is also bigger than the Volvo. The Swede still has the German beat on the seats. However, given the T6 is not going to be easy to come by in the used market a few years down the road, if it comes down to the 5cyl V60 or the 328, I think I might take the BMW.

The X1 is really tight in the back and feels a little awkward up front. I'm only 5'11,'' I should be able to get comfortable easily.


Chevrolet/ Cadillac-

The all new Tahoe/Suburban/Escalade are vastly improved much more upscale than before. IMO, the Chevy is the much better value, it does not give up much luxury to the Caddy.



White is not the best color for the 200, but this car is sharp. Given the choice between this and the Fusion, on styling alone I would pick the 200.



The F-type in person is still pants ruining good, though grey is not the best color. The drama gets lost in the darker shades.



No, the WRX does not look like a Corolla. I would totally buy this car if…I could get a 5-door. ARE YOU LISTENING SUBARU?


I know the Macan will be a huge sales success, but I just don't see the advantages over the Q5.



The Highlander appears massive on the outside, but the inside does not seem to be that much bigger than the one it replaces. It is however a little more upscale.



Vipers are awesome. That is all.



I hated the new Cherokee, then I got used to it and then I saw this. Now I hate it again, check back with me in a month, I might like it.



Ghibli, I think Quaqmire from Family Guy says it best, "Giggity, giggity, giggity."



Finally saw the V60 T6 R-design in the flesh. I am still a bit disappointed in the cargo area, but I want one...badly.

(Yes I know I take crappy pictures, I would blame it on my phone but this is all me.)

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