I interpolated the best data I could find and came up with these figures. The 2.8 rocks the house down low but with only 181 peak hp on tap...its not going to be any kind of fast. That having been said, it will have killer range, and still get great mileage loaded down so it would make an ideal overland platform if you could stomach the $3700 premium you aren’t getting back anytime soon.

GM 2.8 GM 3.6
Peak hp 181 301
Peak Tq 369 269
Average HP 143 194
1200-3600 average 159 115

I should also note that this engine is pretty well proven and it is a good engine. Maintenance will be higher than a gasser but its still a good motor. Also, because its been around the block, tuning potential exists already. Its capped at 369 lbs-ft because that’s 500 nm (the recommended torque limit on the 6 speed) but Australian tuners are getting 190 hp and 430 lbs-ft from them with just a chip tune...so there is that.