Engine (should be) all ready to come out. had a bit of a panic attack as the hoist has just enough room after I misread/miscalculated the combined weight of the engine/tranny. I can use the half ton position so all should be good.

Apparently the transmission crossmember doesn’t do much. one bolt holds them together, which is great because I don’t see a way to take it off.

Yeah, it’s taken this long to get this far. Roadkill can suck a fatty.

All that’s left is to gently pull it out, and get some bolts for my engine stand to hold it. Maybe I should just look up the trans bolt size ahead of time.

This is what it looks like currently:


They used damn carriage bolts to hold the bumper on . by in large, they worked fine, however, since the bumper was dented by a PO this shit happened:


had to grind pretty much the whole bolt head off. don’t have a welder or I would have used that instead. oh well.

I am super scared of breaking/dropping this engine. kinda not looking forward to this.