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Nothing ever goes smoothly

Replaced a front cv axle on the Subaru, which I have done before so it should be easy right? Well then why did this take me 3.5 hours instead of one? Let’s dive in

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Removal hardships:

1. I thought my impact was going to fry while taking off the 32mm axle nut. Worked after a heck of a lot of ugga duggas


2. I’m an idiot and bashed a cotter pin out the wrong way on a castle nut. Not terrible, just took a while

3. Getting the spring pin to be in a halfway decent position to knock out. It’s AWD, do I need to have all wheels off the ground to spin this one axle? I don’t know! Better safe than sorry

4. Positioning a Pullman for the ball joint. Mine is simply a hair too small and has to be on juuust right or else it slips

On to the install hardships with heavy swearing and pacing/drinking while contemplating my entire existence


1. “The spring pin can only go in one side, rotate it if it’s too tough” everything seems the same! It looks half a tooth off! Oh shit! Let me reposition it 10 different times!

2. I didn’t get a new spring pin. Can I just hammer in the old? Going to have to do I guess. Cue hammering on my back at an odd angle under the car aaaand we smashed a finger with a deadblow, beautiful. Thanks for that me.


3. Let’s put the ball joint back in the control arm. Why... why aren’t you lining up at all. Let’s turn the wheel and see if that works. You’re half an inch off from the hole. GO IN YOUR HOLE! ARE YOU TOO GOOD FOR YOUR FUCKING HOME! I don’t even know how to fix this. Take out the ball joint? Undo the strut bolts? After way too long and contemplating taking it all off again to compare axle lengths it turns out that yet again I am an idiot. Turning the wheel does nothing if the ball joint isn’t in for the steering rack to press against! Some quick pushing and finagling and it slipped right in.

So it’s all back together, running great and I’m convinced I will never have a job go smoothly. Also, other than cleaning my car I’m kind of out of quarantine projects.

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