I replaced the factory CD/tape deck in the Tundra for something more modern. No repairs ever go as planned.

I was ready to pull the trigger on that ridiculously cheap frys only Blaupunkt unit, when Frys decided to promo the Boss bv760b for only $20 more. It’s got decent (not great, but good) reviews on Crutchfield and amazon, so why not? I mean, it’s $100 for DVD, touchscreen, USB, SD, aux f/r, 80wX4, and Bluetooth with a built in mic that isn’t complete shit. I’m in!


Install was easy. Looks great! No hiccups at all. One of the easiest installs I’ve ever done.

Now the problems.

1) splash screen. I want to program a Toyota logo for the splash. No option to do so. It’s annoying, but whatever. Maybe there’s an updated firmware that allows that.... nope. From what it looks like, Boss Audio has no programmers, no support section, and does not release firmware updates for any model.

2) the big fucking issue. The EQ. Default is flat. I changed it to Rock, and made a few adjustments. Sounds great! Until I turn the car off and back on again.

EQ goes flat on startup.... so I go to settings.... nope, it’s still sitting on Rock with my custom changes. But the EQ settings on the screen aren’t what’s being fed to the speakers. Flip to the next preset and back and it sounds great again!


TLDR: Installed stereo. Thought all was well. Have to fuck with the EQ every time the car turns on. It’s annoying.